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Thermal Springs

With about 800 locations of natural curative resources, most of which are water-related, Greece could be described as a paradise of healing spas.

Over the last few years, as holistic medicine has once again become a topic of discussion for the scientific community, there has been rekindled interest in developing these springs by creating high-end hydrotherapy facilities and hotels that focus on balneotherapy, not only as a treatment for specific ailments, illnesses and injuries, but also to promote general wellbeing. The Greeks were among the first to discover the beneficial properties of water.

Therapeutic uses

Because heated water can hold more dissolved solids than cold water, warm and especially hot springs often have very high mineral content, containing everything from simple calcium to lithium, and even radium.

From ancient to modern times there have been many studies on the beneficial effects thermal springs on human health.

In particular, their waters are considered suitable for treatment of the following conditions:

  • subacute and chronic rheumatism including various forms of arthritis
  • gout
  • gynecological diseases
  • disorders of the endocrine glands
  • some circulatory abnormalities
  • respiratory diseases
  • skin ailments
  • rheumatic diseases
  • neuralgia - neuritis
  • arthropathies
  • respiratory disease
  • low back pain - sciatica
  • kidney diseases
  • bladder diseases - Indigestion
  • impotence infertility
  • traumatic postoperative disease
  • fatigue - anxiety
  • relaxation - rejuvenation - euphoria and others.

The physical and chemical properties of the water that make it beneficial to the human body are the heat, the radon content (not in radium salts), the rich content of solid constituents in solution and the considerable content of rare constituents, such as radium, sulfur, sodium chloride etc.

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